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Mercedes-Benz NFZ 2018
"Driving Tomorrow"

Daimler AG
Ramenses B.
Task Edit Vfx Cgi Composit Motion Graphics Direction
We created and produced the whole content for all the LED screens. In addition Barbecue also created five complete shows.
Rüdiger Chmielus, Jochen Braun, Marc Freund, Lo Iacono, Peter Janoschka, Mario Leithäuser, Mattias Schilder
"When you have a tight timeline,- but a great team" Rüdiger Chmielus Creative Director Barbecue
A Compilation from the main graphic designs

Barbecue created the whole media content for the Daimler exhibition at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hanover. the media spans many different sectors like vans, trucks, bus, Fuso, and a special media booth for the new Actros. Two special shows where created for the stages of Van and Actros.
We also created the media content for the 3 special evening events that took place in the same environment.

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