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Toyota Yaris
"Feel the Yaris Effect"

Toyota Motor Europe
GoodFilm GmbH
Björn Amend
Tim Pike
Jungle - Busy Earnin'
Task Edit Retouching Vfx CGI Composit
Barbecue was in charge for on site supervision, the entire offline edit and the final postproduction.
Rüdiger Chmielus, Jochen Braun, Stefan Laschet, Marcus Martinez, Matthias Schilder
"BBQ was involved from the first concept on, contributing ideas and possible solutions full time even while still in the pitching phase. Apart from this, the usual team work oriented set supervision and VFX execution. I guess the result speaks for itself." Björn Amend Director
Light and hybrid energy in the city

This film is about a journey through a city that has been „electrified“. Two heroes, each of them driving their YARIS through the energy and coolness of a Saturday night in a bustling metropolis. But this is not just any city, it is a city that has been transformed by hybrid energy and this effect can be witnessed in every frame of our film. The YARIS effect is omnipresent.

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