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Lexus LFA
The irresistible force.

Deri Design
Lexus Europe
RĂ¼diger Chmielus
Michael Kadelbach
Task Edit Cgi Composit Colorgrade Vfx
Creating a stunning vision of the new LFA Concept.
RĂ¼diger Chmielus
Fire. Absolutely fire. Devoid of people yet full of the soul for those who dream elemental. What a showcase spot for a luxury brand should be. Played on the big screen and I bet the audience would be silent for 5 seconds after (until the next bruce willis trailer came on). I imagine somebody saying let's appeal to the quiet grandeur in all of us. The grand power that lets us move or at least imagine ourselves moving as pure, clean consciousness (an enlightened client and a bright agency could sell this. Focus groups would kill it dead.) That I only watched it once and had to find out who the director was immediately speaks volumes. Something to aspire to. BIG UP! El Scientifico sez:
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