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A BBQ experimental film

Barbecue Mediendesign
Barbecue Mediendesign
RĂ¼diger Chmielus
Michael Kadelbach
Task Edit Vfx Concept
After Effects only,
Bloom by Barbecue, a design studio based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is a visually stunning animation depicting a scene that could belong on the world of Pandora, which was envisioned by director James Cameron for his epic blockbuster 'Avatar.' Full of luminous plant life, the scenes that unfold before the viewer are breathtaking and magical. Full of both warm and cool colors, the images take on an almost abstract appearance. Accompanied by music that was created by sound designer Michael Kadelbach, Bloom by Barbecue was "an inhouse experiment that had developed an life on its own," as written on Behance. It is a surreal art piece that showcases the skills of the firm. Fit for an art gallery, it is a must-see for dreamers and realists alike. Meghan Young Trend Hunter
Creating a Trapcode Form Experiment

It demanded more and more attention, so we collected the individual parts and put them all together. Music and sound design by Michael Kadelbach.

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